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The greatest professional compliment I’ve received is when someone told me, “You make me care about a high school sport I don’t normally care about.” Talking about sports on T.V. is fun, and I think it comes through when I’m on camera. It’s also a tremendous responsibility. Local teams are viewed as a civic asset, which means covering not just their games but the stories behind the box score as well.

My abilities as a television sports anchor/reporter are strong, because I learned to be a storyteller first. Print writing, play-by-play, radio studio hosting, and of course T.V. work have helped me become a well rounded communicator. As a T.V. professional I’ve taken my wide base of skills, and focused them on bringing complete coverage to my DMA.

Working in broadcast and print media, and for professional and college sports information departments, has familiarized me with both sides of the industry. I’ve been in media rooms with national personalities, but also understand how to cater to the fans of small schools and indepentdent league teams.

I’ve developed skills in numerous programs and social media formats. These include: Avid, iNews, Edius, News King, World Now, WordPress, Adobe Audition, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Premiere, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, NewsRoom, Basestation, Sound Cloud, LinkedIn, and Tumblr.

I love tradition and excellence, and would love to discuss how I could help your organization continue to build both.

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